Competitive Lawn Services goal is to give customer satisfaction with high quality and low cost.  We are a full-service landscape company servicing both residential and commercial customers in the High Desert and Southern California for 25 years.

     We specialize in landscape design, rockscape, maintenance, irrigation, and cleanup. We offer free estimates and consultations for landscape and maintenance. Landscape design will carefully consider our client's vision until the design is finalized.

    Local climate and surrounding architecture is considered as well as attention to water conservation and ecologically responsible products and practices.  

     Irrigation with underground sprinklers and drip systems provide worry-free maintenance for vacations.  

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                     dia_red.gif  Landscape





                      dia_red.gif  Desert  & Rockscape Design


                      dia_red.gif  Curbing/Walkways


                      dia_red.gif   Colored & Stamped Concrete


                      dia_red.gif    Patio Covers


                  dia_red.gif  Cleanup


                  dia_red.gif  Sod & Reseed

 dia_red.gif  Irrigation

             Underground Sprinklers

             Drip Systems


  dia_red.gif   Misting Systems


  dia_red.gif  Solar Lighting

             Low voltage lighting


  dia_red.gif Maintenance



  dia_red.gif Winterization


  dia_red.gif   Family & Senior Discounts












Dean Parrish  7448 Madera Ave.  Hesperia, CA 92345

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